Creating Meals Like a Professional Chef
Rachel L
Rachel L

Creating Meals Like a Professional Chef


In this class you will learn some basics about working with flavor to create delicious​,​ restaurant quality meals in your own home. We will talk about flavor profiles​,​ how to balance flavors for a more rich​,​ professional taste​,​ how to make pan sauces and much more. We will be preparing a meal during the class. Students may choose to follow along in their kitchens​,​ or take notes for their future meals....or both! By the end of the class​,​ students will leave with: -New knowledge about how to balance flavors. -An original recipe created by Chef Rachel. -Additional hand outs with extra information to reference after the class. -A passion to start creating their own culinary masterpieces! **PLEASE NOTE** Classes MUST be booked at least 24 hours in advance in order to prepare.

Length of Class

1.5 hours


  • Culinary
  • Health & Wellness
  • Lifestyle

Students per class


Supplies needed

**Obtaining any supplies for this class is completely optional. You may choose to just watch and take notes​,​ and that is perfectly fine. But I am happy to cook along side those of you that choose to.** Ingredients: -Chicken (boneless breasts​,​ thighs or tenders) -Red bell peppers -Sugar snap peas -Onions -Heavy cream -Parmesan cheese -Chicken broth -Cooking fat -Salt -Pepper -Garlic Powder -Onion Powder -Paprika -Cayenne -Italian seasoning -*Optional: Penne pasta Kitchen supplies: -Sharp knife (preferably a chef's knife) -2 cutting boards (one for meat​,​ one for vegetables) -2 small bowls -Fork -Tongs -Cooking utensil to stir a sauce -Meat thermometer (optional​,​ but recommended) -Cooking pan (10" size or larger) -Stovetop Once booked​,​ you will receive a copy of the full detailed ingredients list with quantities so you can prepare if you wish to follow along.

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