Considerations When Choosing a Handgun
Ryan M
Ryan M

Considerations When Choosing a Handgun


You don't know what you don't know. So what if we could have a discussion about things you should consider when selecting the best handgun for personal protection? Topics we'll cover - The difference between the main types of handguns - Differences in ammo​/​rounds to consider when picking a gun - Understanding "kick" when it comes to different gun types - Learning about the best brands to consider - Learn about the resources to understand gun laws in your state (I have experience with PA​,​ NJ and NC​,​ but can direct you to places to learn about other states) - Types of holsters for open or conceal carrying There will be plenty of time for questions and the discussion will be led by you and the group.

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1 hour


  • Firearms & Gunsmithing

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Bring all the questions you have​,​ and I'll share all my information with you to help you get started.

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    GREAT CLASS! Lots of informative open discussion varying many topics involving home defense and conceal carry! THOROUGH and detailed, Ryan explains with ease whatever your concerns may be and walks you through a great deal of information so you understand your legal rights! I learned so much, took plenty of notes and was able to ask about considerations to our specific daily home life and family dynamic. I learned a great deal about safety and handling as well as equipment, ammo and shopping considerations as well! This is a comprehensive class for beginners new to firearms with a wealth of information in Ryan where you can discuss any of your concerns regarding gun ownership. I'd recommend this class to anyone starting their journey in learning about firearms.

    Trinity VJuly 2021

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