So, let’s cover a few questions we get often. Here’s just some top-line ones, but we are always here for YOU, so, please know you can always shoot us an email to hello@iqeverest.com and we will make sure to get back to you SAME DAY to answer your burning questions. Cool?

Can I teach a class about….
– Yes. Here’s the short and quick answer. We don’t believe in censoring you. We believe adults have the right to teach about any (legal) topic they wish. Want to teach a class on how to be a fairy? Go for it! Whatever floats your boat. We’re about the free exchange of information from one person to another. Why should we limit anyone on what they can learn about if they are being drawn to a topic? Not how we roll.

Can businesses host classes on here too?
– Absolutely! Do you have a pottery shop and want to host a class on Pottery 101? Do you have a dance studio and want to host a class on ballroom dancing? Make it happen! We know that with the times we are in now, small businesses are hurting. Let this be an avenue to generate some income for you, and make it through this hurdle. We will be here to see you through to the other side.

Do I have to pay to sign up and post my class?
– Nope! The beauty of this class marketplace is that it’s free to become a part of it as a teacher and as a student. The only way we generate revenue, is if and only if, YOU generate income for yourself. When someone books your class, there will be a 20% commission that comes off that booking total and you keep the other 80%. It’s a WIN-win.

I wasn’t thrilled with my class, what now?
– Sorry to hear that! First thing we highly recommend is to send your teacher a message before you leave any negative reviews. They are here because they want to share their knowledge with you and are hoping you love every bit of their class. We understand that sometimes expectations aren’t met, and that’s ok. Our goal is for both parties to be satisfied with how things go. So, if you’ve sent a message to your teacher and they either don’t respond or don’t offer a clarification or resolution you are content with, shoot us an email. hello@iqeverest.com is where you’d send us that and we will intervene and find a resolution.